AAPl Buy Signal

In theory, when you see a long tail on a candlestick chart, followed by above average volume, following a long decline, you have what is known as capitulation.
 In the case of AAPL you also have a nice even price number of around 500, which oddly enough really matters (people buy and sell at round numbers) and the fundamental story has not changed on the company.  It is also at a key moving average when looked at on a weekly chart.
AAPL sold off after the election along with almost everything else in a proverbial throwing out of the baby with the bath water, or just profit taking before taxes get raised next year.
This is a time to get involved in the stock, but being that the future remains an unknown, you set you stop below the low of the day so your risk is defined, as long as it keeps moving up, and it may, you are in a good place.  If it stops you out, well, that’s why you set the stop.
Don’t expect it to hit all time highs in a month, but it will likely retest the 700 mark within a year.
That is the plan, now stick to it and let it happen.

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