Get the Big Picture

At least once per week, reference the below list of ETF’s that track general market sectors.  It can clue you in to a shift from what may have been a leading sector into some other new leader.  There are countless strategies and mythologies about sector rotation, money moving from one sector to another and what that means. There may even be some truth to the mythology.  Follow the sector ETF’s and ask yourself, where is the winning money, and where are the losers.  Don’t be a loser.  You want to be involved in a sector  that goes from the lower left, to the upper right, and in the leading stock in that sector.  Period.

  • EEM
  • GDX
  • GLD
  • IBB
  • IWM
  • IYR
  • IYT
  • IYZ
  • OIH
  • QQQ
  • SDY
  • SLV
  • SMH
  • XHB
  • XLB
  • XLE
  • XLF
  • XLI
  • XLK
  • XLP
  • XLU
  • XLV
  • XLY
  • XME
  • XOP
  • XRT

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