Weekend Portfolio Review, Chart Analysis, Stock Watch, 12/15/2012

Check out the model portfolio holdings.  Not a great week for the positions, certainly not the best stock picks in the market.  The goal of the model portfolio is to teach basic stock selection criteria using charts, and to develop risk management skills.  Use it as an educational tool along with the other video posts to help you develop skills you need to confidently wade into real market activity.


Another look at CELG.  You may wish to look at this chart as an example of a failed breakout that should be cut loose.  There is certainly a good case to be made for that possibility if CELG does not bounce off the breakout point.  Take a look at the attached chart and consider using the yellow line as a stop point.  Please see the comment on this post for more detail.


Weekend Stock Watch:



WEEKEND SPECIAL:  Can you time the Market?  Should you even try?


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