Pre-Market Tuesday 12/18/2012 Model Portfolio Alert

Good Morning!

The market is drifting higher.  Any news source you read or listen to, will tell you their opinion as to why.  But … who really knows.

If you have profits, don’t let them turn to losses.  Adjust stops accordingly.

Remember, and pay attention to this observation, when it feels safe and good to be in the market, often that is getting closer to a point when the big and smart money will be selling you their shares for a profit.

Pick you entry and exit points calmly, and with attention to support and resistance lines.


Raising stops on HTZ to 15.49

Raising Stops on EBAY to 50.14

Raising stops on CELG 78.49

Raising stops on the SPY (all of it) 141.79

Chat later.

FWIW:  I am continuing to raise my stops on BAC, CP, and AMZN to lock in profits if the market decides to turn the other way.  I am not calling a top, just raising stops to previous points where buyers seem to have shown an interest to buy the stock.  You will get better in your stock selection in time, and you will develop a style that works, if you make decisions and tweak decision making based on outcomes.  Paper trade and you will see what I mean.


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