Some Worry in The Market Today 1/30/2013 FREE CONTENT

As the month draws to a close, the fantastic rally looks like it may end with sentiment being influenced yet again by lousy prior quarter GDP numbers.  Can the future prospects of companies be great if the past was worse than expected?  Worse than low expectations to begin with, actually contraction of GDP.

I would stay on the sidelines until we see what the first few days in Feb. look like.

If you have profits, don’t let them become losses.  If you have losses, keep them small.


4th Quarter GDP revised to negative

Seems like the 4th quarter GDP number was revised to negative.

Futures slightly down.  I am in profit protection mode this AM.

That said, 4th quarter numbers are history and the market is looking into the future, so it may not matter.  Don’t panic, ever.  If you see the market panic, don’t lecture the crowd, just get out of the way and take your stops.

Check back later.

The Rally Marches On 1/29/2013

Yesterday seems to have just been a pause that refreshes.  Today we continued a broad based march higher, so participation is what you should be doing.  As the month comes to an end we will see some volatility increase as money managers reposition themselves.

Wed. has some important market moving reports due:

ADP payroll report for Jan., 8:15 AM. Forecast: 172,000.

GDP growth for Q4, 8:30 AM Forecast: 1% annual rate.

FOMC policy statement,  2:15 PM.

Members, check back later for a review of some excellent ideas on dividend paying stocks that should be a part of your portfolio.


Pre-Market 1/29/2013

Good Morning!

Earnings reports are continuing.  The vast majority are better than expected.

The rally continues despite futures being slightly down this AM.

The month is coming to an end, after spectacular market performance.

I am inclined to play it safe and not start anything new until after a few days into Feb. to see if profits get heavily harvested or if we just keep moving higher.

Stops are being tightened in my own portfolio.  Yesterday was a yellow flag for me.


Flat, but constructive day in the Markets 1/28/2013

Today, the market, as defined by the action in the SPY, rested.  Some stocks continue to march higher, such as RNF, TEX, and FB, while other superstars over the past weeks started to see distribution, such as DDD and SSYS.

It is a stock picker’s market, and you need to pick and ditch the right holdings to succeed.

Members, check back later for a review of stocks to consider owning and some strategy.