Market is closed today, but a few thoughts … 1/21/2013

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

This week can have some volatility in price action because big names in technology such as AAPL and GOOG are reporting 4th quarter 2012 earnings.  Besides the earnings, their outlooks for 2013 will be potential catalysts for continued upside, or a breather in general.  The VIX (fear index) is at extremely low levels.  It can stay like this for a while, but not forever.

Read this opinion from the legendary Buffett, and this from Farrell to demonstrate that if you get committed to an opinion, you will not help yourself make money in the markets.  Anybody with a brain can articulate a reasonable idea, but YOU need to make your money work regardless.  That is what we are trying to do here.  Learn how to make money grow.  You may feel like Buffett must be on to some truth, or at the other extreme, Farrell.  It just doesn’t matter.  You need to learn how to make wise investment decisions every single day based on the reality of price action relative to average prices and relative to volume of shares trading to stay ahead.

Members, expect a chart review video this evening, on some charts that are in solid action time frames.  Meaning, possible good buy points with clear risk definition.

If you are not a member, try us out.  Cancel any time.  You will not likely find a better aid in your development as an investor at this extraordinarily attractive price point.

Learn to “fish,” and never go hungry.



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