Learn to Invest With Paper Trading Practice

Paper trade GOOG.
Make believe you have $100K to allocate to each of 5 stocks or ETF’s in your practice portfolio.  GOOG can be a hypothetical example in your practice portfolio.  Don’t trade real money until you can successfully implement your strategy on paper.
Buy 1/4 position ($25k of make believe money) of GOOG at  $785.83.  Use a chart.  Customize it for 50, 20, and 10 week moving averages to display.  Use a green up, red down candlestick indicator.
I will demonstrate how to do this on tonight’s video.
Add more GOOG if it tags the 10 week line, abandon the trade if it breaks below and stays below the weekly 10 week line on high volume distribution.
I will review this evening.
If you can identify good stocks with good charts and manage the risk with appropriate stops, you can manage your own money, or at least part of it.

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