Adding to TZA into the close

Today, I continued to sell  into the amazing strength we are having in the markets.

I closed positions in C and F.

Into the market close I added to my TZA hedge preparing for the coming correction (any day now in my opinion).

My longs are still more significant than my shorts, so I am still very much with the trend.

I am adding to the hedge as we get more and more extended to the upside, I am protecting against a sudden plunge that could hurt my portfolio.  If we move higher, I make money.  If we correct, I can raise cash with the shorts.  If we don’t correct soon, I may close the short hedge for a small loss, relatively speaking.

As I have reminded you to do in the past… bottle the feeling that you have today, when markets only go up, up, up.  You will need it when it seems that markets only go down, down, down…

Check back later for a video review.


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