Gentle Pullback/Correction Is On For Now …

I would take a step back and realize that we are pulling back/correcting for now, in a healthy and orderly way.  This is part of every uptrend and it will end with a good buying opportunity.

It is normal to feel like you want to buy stocks when they just keep going up, and normal to be scared to buy after they go lower for a few days or even weeks.  To be a successful investor, you will need to overcome that feeling and when we finish this uncomfortable period of going lower, that will be the time to get in.  You will feel great riding the next wave up.

If you spent all your money on stocks last week when we topped out, you feel silly now, even though it felt great then.  You were the dumb money rushing in at the END of the rally (short term end at least).  Cheer up.  If you have any cash left or if you take stops on some hopefully profitable positions to lock in those gains, you can be the smart money next time and buy when the rally begins, and sell when it ends.

Start looking at stocks that you want to own once this correction runs it’s course.

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