Next Leg Up?

Solid day in the markets.  New SPX leg up seems to be underway.

Check back later for a video review session.  Many charts show stocks that  have started to run away without you if you have not yet purchased shares; not the best risk/reward investments.

Other stocks are still at excellent buy points.




AAPL, BAB, PM, Etc. can be bought IMHO, With A stop Loss In Place

There are many arguments for why the market should not be moving higher.  But the market is moving higher, so buy the right stocks and define your risk with position size and stop losses.

When the Bull market comes to an end, we will deal with it.  The Bull is still very much alive until it fails decisively.

Watch the video for some stocks and ETF’s that are still looking like good buy candidates.


AAPL After Hours POP And DROP

AAPL had a nice pop in reaction to the Q2 earnings numbers, despite lousy Q3 projections, but then did the Pop and Drop move, after the call.  The coming days will tell the tale on where AAPL may be headed in terms of stock price.

Overall bullish action in the market.  Buy stocks at support and define your risk.

If you are not long, you are wrong.

Watch the video.