Trader vs Investor

If you have the time and inclination to watch the markets every day, the following video shows what a trader looks for in terms of short term opportunity.

If you have a longer term perspective, the time to buy is still yet to come.  Wait for it.  Doing nothing with your cash is better than burning it.

There will likely be lower prices ahead.



1600 wins for now. Buy on sale, but not yet!

Unless you can pick stocks perfectly or time the market like nobody else, all you need is the following chart to become a smart investor.  Buy the S&P 500 best stocks when the index bounces off of the 50 week moving average.  The red line on the chart, inside the bubble is where you should buy in an uptrend.  Just looking at the pattern, assuming it will continue (and it will until it doesn’t) the next buy point is probably Sept 2013.

That means you will have been in cash the whole 2013 until Sept 2013.
Buy on sale.sp500 buy points