Apogee or Just Catching Our Breath

Did the market set a short term apogee in our drift higher, or are we just catching our breath before we push upward with more gusto?

I am not sure, but for investors, exercise that patience that makes investment style allocation of cash in the market suitable for you.

No clear winner medium term in my opinion. It would not  be hard to argue that in the medium term, we are still indecisive in the market action, bull vs bear.

Really long term investors can make the case that the uptrend in intact, now is a good time to put some cash to work in strong companies with good charts.  Is the market pricing in all the information it needs?  Probably, with the exception of a truly black swan event, not much will take the market by surprise as far as I can tell (famous last words, but that’s what risk management is for!)

Short term traders are finding many opportunities in this market.


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