This Bull Cannot Die

I sold more stock and ETF holdings  into the strength on Friday.  90% cash now as we head into the year’s end.

I am very interested to see if we get selling in January 2014.  I will be a spectator of market action, or taking quick and small trades until January 2014 is over.

2013 was lucky for those who owned most stocks.  The key is to make sure you participate when the market is going up, if you are long stocks, but make sure to have minimal exposure if the trend breaks.  It stands to reason that many profitable portfolios will wait to incur the gains made in 2013 by cashing out in 2014, so I await that possibility.

As Dan Fitzpatrick, from would say, if you want to gamble, go to Vegas.

No stocks on my watch list now.  Enjoy the rest of the year.