Weekend Review. Stocks And ETFs at Reasonable Buy Points

I may sound like a broken record at this point, but keep in mind the SPY is in desperate need of a meeting with the 50 week moving average.

That important point cannot be ignored.  However, the trend is still up.  Stay with the trend until it changes.  There are still some good looking buy points out there in the ETF and stock universe.

Just make sure you have a plan.

See if this helps.

Sector ETF Review

It is always hard to put your hard earned cash to work in the market.

Some people find it easier to invest in ETFs that may reduce the risk inherent in any one individual company, and allow for a more generalized sector exposure.

Watch the following for a look at some ETFs that may offer opportunities right here and now.

This Bull Has Balls

I know, I know, it is so hard to believe, but this bull has balls and is alive and kicking.

Stay with the trend.

I was thinking.  Why should the market roll over when you really have no place to put your money that will pay you while you wait besides the market?  It may be as simple as that.

There are some very well known companies and industries that make sense, with very fine looking charts.

Check it out below.