Economic Calendar

Any serious investor knows that there is always the potential for economic data to hit the market and make it move.

This coming week we will be getting US 2nd quarter GDP numbers that can certainly make people think long and hard about the future,  if the first quarter slowdown is not significantly reversed.

Of course we are also in the midst of earnings reports for 2nd quarter 2014 which is bringing back some volatility.

Save this link as part of your weekend market prep favorites.  Do not get caught unaware. Always glance at the economic calendar.

Check back later for a video market analysis.

Buy Points

The market trickles higher and many sector ETFs, and stocks are worthy of your consideration for purchase.

We will have a market correction, but since nobody knows when, stay with the trend, frame your trade with clear entry and exit points, and enjoy the ride.

Stay or Go?

Tough market indeed.  If you are fully invested in the right stocks and ETFs you are likely more lucky than good.  If you are all in cash, you feel like a loser.  Nobody likes this market, at least nobody I know.

Yet, we need to make our money work for us.  Can you still buy into this market?  I think there are still good opportunities.  Watch the video and see if you agree.