Mega Chart Review

Lots of good charts out there, and lots of ugly ones as well.  Watch this to help develop the skills to tell the difference.

It does not matter what the story is on a company, if owning the stock is losing you money.  Only buy good charts with clear entry and exit points.

Weekend Review 8/10/2014 Buy NOW?

If you cannot articulate your defined entry and exit points into the market, you have no plan, and you are just trusting your financial future to dumb luck.

The market is at a very good point to start your foray into educated, skillful investing. Plan the investment, and follow that plan.

Watch the video for some ideas on what you can buy right now, with the significant caveat that you must be willing to exit with a predetermined loss if the plan does not go according to your desire.


Buy This Dip? Not so fast

Well, the market has spoken.

The selling has begun.  This is not the time to assume buying the dips will work.  I would not get get long unless you intend to play the oversold bounce likely coming next week. Friday, I closed the TZA and started a TNA position just for the volatility bounce play.

My longs have been trimmed to about 10% of the portfolio holdings.  The 50 week moving average on the SPY needs a visit.  I hope we get there.

If the market puts in a bottom as evidenced by a low in the SPY holding firmly with high volume buying, I will put more cash to work on the long side.  Until then I will stay mostly on the sidelines.