IWM Is Acting Coy

After taking some profits last week, I enter this coming week feeling much like the IWM chart seems to feel about the market.  No conviction.

With the general market making new all time highs, I find it odd that the small cap space cannot get any traction.

This is a short trading week due to the Holiday, so even if the IWM gets a bit of upside movement, I will likely just watch from the sidelines.



IWM Weak

Taking some profits

It has been a really nice bounce off the mid October lows which has given us a better than 10% pop into new all time high territory on the SPY.

I trimmed about 30% off my invested capital today, and will look for future weakness to redeploy.

I remain concerned about the weakness in the small caps.  The IWM looks ill.

Good hunting.


Buy? Hold? Sell? Are you a deer caught in the headlights?

When we last posted, we were making the case for justifiably putting cash to work with proper risk management in place.

That was the right call at that time.  Not because it made us money, but because it was the right decision based on the available data in the charts.

What is the right thing to do now after this massive snap back rally and now new all time stock index highs?