Buy now?!

Last week we were recommending getting back in to the market, particularly in the SMH and QQQ space.  That worked out well.

Individual tech and semiconductor names had a stellar week.

What do you do now?

Buy? Hold? Sell?

Hold what is working, buy more on weakness, and have a line in the sand to exit.

Review the August SPY breakdown if you need confidence that you can effectively use that line to exit and protect your wealth.

Stay with the trend which is now UP!

Watch the video:


The coast is clear!?

Is it safe to come out of the foxhole yet?

It just may be.

Watch the video below for a chart analysis that seems to support the case for putting on some risk, and owning particular ETFs or individual stocks.

There is reason to be suspicious, as always, but if you have a plan, and stick to it, these can be profitable times.