Sell Half

I have several positions with double digit returns that need pruning.

Do not think the market just goes up, it also goes down.  Since I have no idea where this will stop, the market can have a 20% up year for all I know,  I just prune some when positions are sporting double digit gains and everyone is happy.

When people are content with the market, and you have profits, take some off the table.

When people are miserable and scared, deploy cash.

Straw hats in winter.




Melt Up?

There has been no panic buying to chase the market higher, or a rush for the exits as we enter the last full week of January trading.

Some sectors are seeing profit taking, such as financials, but it is orderly and measured.  Bullish in my opinion.  Next move should be in the direction of the predominant trend which is up.

I am adding to my best long positions with caution. Capital preservation is my primary goal, but cash is the wrong call, in my opinion.

Do not call the top, stay strong and stay long.


Good Place to Start

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your ability to read charts, check out Dan Fitzpatrick and Stock Market Mentor.

He offers a free daily video which is valuable.  He also offers a paid service if you like what you see.

The below is a recent example of a free chart video on TSLA.