Crystal Ball

The below article is an excellent read.

There are many clichés, such as a broken clock is right twice a day, etc. to describe how true and how difficult it is to be honest with yourself as it relates to your investing.

To get better, it is imperative to look back at your decisions, figure out what worked and what did not, and why.

Some good insights here:


IWM Short

The market is in an uptrend.  You should never short a quiet market.

Yet, if the IWM does not get a push to the upside soon, I would expect a sharp and significant break down short term.  This is a really long consolidation being put in, too long perhaps.

With that in mind, if you are comfortable with short term trading and have the discipline to place and use buy stops, you may want to consider putting in a short on the IWM with a buy stop at recent IWM highs.

I plan on going with a TZA long approach; small cap bear x 3.

This is short term.  The market trend is still very much up, up, and away.

DDD putting in a bottom?

The three dimensional printing space seems to be putting in a bottom.  It was hot a while back, and then got crushed.

With the momentum of the market moving higher, perhaps this is a good risk reward opportunity.

I like the  DDD chart on daily and weekly views.  I started a position today.