Harvest Time

Who knew that the elections in France would matter this much to US markets?

When markets have these emotional reactions to events, I use the opportunity to my advantage whenever possible.

Today I am taking advantage of the strength in markets to harvest profits and trim holdings.

I will re-evaluate what I want to do once the dust settles.

I would not recommend starting new positions today. I am not calling a top, just being cautious.

Prepare For The Bear

At some point, the bull run will end.

There are choices to make right now while the going is good.

Your long positions could be taken out with stops, or you may choose to hold them for a few years while their value declines.

My plan is to stay long until the break is confirmed.

Have a plan for a downtrending market.  The below chart gives you an illustration of what a bear market may look like if the market slides down the slope of hope to test the 2013 breakout.