The Market is Going Higher. The Market is Going Lower.


It is true.  The market is going higher.  The market is going lower.

I just don’t know when, neither does anyone else.

Read the following two hypotheses about what may be coming next in the market.  Both are convincing.

Given the inability to predict the future, all you can do is make a plan that deals with the reality of markets broadly going up and down, but more up than down over a long time frame.

If you have money you need tomorrow, that should be in savings.

Money that you need in a year can be invested short term with a clear entry and exit strategy so that you do not lose too much capital.  Why not have a plan to step aside with at least some of your money when the next bear market hits?

Money that you can let work for 10 years or more should be invested in solid companies with good prospects.

If you have several solid stock holdings across several sectors, you should come out ahead.  Sector ETFs can also be used for this strategy if stock picking seems impossible.

If the above makes sense, do it.  If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to do it.

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