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To the uninitiated, the stock market does anything but put out a welcome mat for the passerby.

You are reading this, because for some reason or another, the time has come to get on the floor and see what the “stock market” is all about.

Perhaps you have been successful creating wealth in your own business, perhaps you have the ability to live within your means and put aside money for the future.  There are many reasons that people feel compelled to dabble in the markets.

On the other hand, perhaps you have had your money professionally managed for the past decade and have nothing but heartburn to show for it.  How can buy and hold be a good idea if you lived through the numerous market crashes over the past decade?  Can the market be timed?  Why do some say there is no way to time the market?  Others adamantly claim you can time the market and always keep your portfolio near all time highs?

Do I have to take a leap of faith on these market issues, or can I make a really informed decision?

Investing in the stock market can be fun, and exciting.  But that will not preserve and grow your wealth.  To make the right choices for your money, approach the stock market like an aircraft engineer approaches a new airplane design.  Drama, style, excitement may derive from a solid plan, but if you ignore the rules that define fluid dynamics, gravity will crush you.  Likewise, If you ignore time proven strategies for investing, you will lose your money.

Can you make money in the markets?  If you can develop knowledge, exercise some reasonable discipline, and apply that knowledge, you have what it takes.

A few things you need to begin your education:

Charts:   You cannot invest wisely if you don’t get familiar with charts.  Please take the time to view some of the videos below that get you pointed in the right direction. Learn about how to use charts with our video tutorials:

Where, What, How, Charts?


SPY Chart Time Frames


Market Sectors.  What you need to know, and how to identify strong market sectors.


High Yield Stocks

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